Day Four - Christmas Stockings!

Just a quick one for day 4 - I have just finished the Christmas stockings for my nieces Kiah (3), Jade (8) and my nephew James (6). I thought that this year I would get them some little gifts (including some Christmas decorations with their names one them which are too cute!!!) and make them something to put them in.

These are from some fabric panels I bought in Leicester recently and I have simply quilted around the images and added some sequins for a bit of sparkle, Not difficult, but actually more time consuming than I expected as they took 2 whole days to make all three. I have also stitched their names into them to stop the kids fighting over who's is who's!!!

I hope they like them!

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  1. I am sure they will love them. Young children are a delight at christmas. I still insist on mine having advent calendars and stockings.... they are 23 and 26!!


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