Day eighteen - and my other kitty house guest

Those of you who read my blog will know that I have a very naughty kitten called Maisy who came to live with us in the summer. You may not know that we have another resident who joined us almost a year ago. After the sad and rather sudden loss of our cat Millie who came to us from Wood Green Animal Shelter, we paid another visit to that brilliant cat home to find another treasure. And we found Misty. She is a rare treasure, but has had such a rough time in the past that she was too shy to settle in a previous home. We brought her to our house as we are suckers for a sob story! And here is a rare photo of her!
I say rare because even after nearly a year the best we can hope for is that she occasionally ventures out of her basket. Since we got the kitten she has been better, especially because if she doesn't come out for her tea Maisy eats it in a flash!
However I can count how many times in the last year she has left the kitchen on one hand. She once came into the living room and sat on a cushion for about 3 minutes - it was really exciting and has not yet (unfortunately) been repeated. Maybe she will never get any better than this, and we will be living with an invisible cat for years to come, but as long as she seems happy we will keep on feeding and attempting to stroke her! After all Maisy is really enough trouble for two cats :)

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  1. After years of cat rescue and now having only 3 semi ferals left who choose to stay with me, I sympathise lol
    But I had a 5 month old farm cat live in my living room for about 4 months before he got within stroking distance and hes as daft as a brush with me now.....given that he can still take flight at a whiskers move!
    Dont make a deal about looking puss in the eye, but gently croon to her and leave her small tit bits in her basket as you pass.
    A small piece of chicken and a subtle crooning, what a goood girl....your such a treasure etc...whatever works for you!
    If she does enter your domain and leave her 'secure' basket, croon but dont eyeball her. Cats are curious, one day when she trusts you enough, she will finally bless you with a near enough pass to stroke her briefly. But again dont over fuss or expect her to stay long.
    Go at her pace and accept gracefully what she will give you, who knows what way she was treated before.
    And trust me, that first ever moment she graces you with a stroke or by sitting near to better than any material thing.
    My black boy lastly came to sit on the chair arm alongside me, and I could use one finger to stroke his nose but couldnt look at him or hed bolt lol contrary lad lol That was the start and bit by bit he melted.
    So dont give up, snails pace has its merits!


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