Day Three - cooking frenzy

I think I am a good cook - and I make a mean casserole, but I can't seem to crack bread! And as I should be working on the proposal for my thesis which is due in next weekend so yesterday I thought I would have a go at bread. (talk about work avoidance!!!)

The first batch didn't make it to the photo stage as the little buns would be more suitable as cannon balls! But I persevered and the result is a passable loaf of wholemeal bread.
But what good is bread without something to dunk it in... so enter the sausage and potato casserole!
And a quick shot before Paul dived in and demolished it... (he was hungry!!!)
Talk about a winter warmer!!!
And as the oven was already hot I thought I would finish it off with some fairy cakes!
Because there is always room  for sprinkles!!!


  1. Oh now look what you have done ,made me hungry ,the graphic I sent you yesterday seemed to lose its message ,saying thankyou for the link ,I will be sending for a bag at least ,and probably more after CHristmas ,and no you arent talking to yourself Im loving your Advent entrys Jan xx

  2. Perfect cold weather meal. I love good bread and that looks good. We eat a lot of soup. Thanks for commenting on my blog.

  3. Yummy! now I have to go eat :)
    oh and good for you making the bread!

  4. THAT LOOKS DELICIOUS ~ and the Bread looks perfect ~ Ally x

  5. The River Cottage bread handbook has become my bread bible. Yours looks delicious!


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