Monday, 20 December 2010

Day Twenty and a gift delivered

This gift is for Ella, the 12 year old daughter of my best friend Sarah. She is fascinated by my studio and always wants to play! So I suggested that her gift this year would be a 'makey day' in my studio. And that day was today.

So Ella arrived this morning and we decided to make a book - and didnt she do a good job!

She layered scraps of silk and the foil bits of quality street wrappers (yes we did eat a few but hey - it is Christmas!) onto pelmet vilene and covered it with a fine man-made fabric. She stitched it all down with an underwater theme - you may be able to see the cute little red turtle near the bottom of the book. You wouldnt guess that this was the first time she had used a sewing machine with an embroidery foot!

She then burnt away some of the man-made fabric to show the scraps underneath. We finished the cover with a button clasp and a beaded tie.
And she is, justifiably proud of a days work well done!
She said she cant wait to show her art teacher when she gets back to school in the new year. I think the teacher should be impressed! I certainly was! Ella worked from 10.30am to 7pm with a short break for lunch. It just goes to show what kids can do when they are having fun!


  1. You have certainly inspired her! A lovely book for her to treasure.

  2. Oh how really lovely of you to teach Ella today ,hasnt she done a fantastic job ,bet she will count this as one of her best gifts ,My Tote/bag came today ,from Festival of Japan ,for my Granddaughter Jan xx

  3. That gift is worth a fortune, you've set a young lady on the path of creativity!
    Of course in the future if she's like the rest of us it will cost her a fortune too! But what fun she'll have.

  4. Well done Ella. That's a lovely xmas pressie.

  5. Fantastic book... well done Ella!

  6. Wow! Ella is very talented and her beautiful book would put many an adult to shame. The turtle and star are beautifully worked. Well done Ella!


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