Day Thirteen and the tree is trimmed... with more than just decorations!

Well the tree is trimmed, the lights are hung and we are ready for Christmas... but what is that in the tree? It seems to be wobbling - what could that be about half way up?

Could that be a Maisy kitten hanging upside down INSIDE the tree? Just below the second row of tinsel! I think it might be!

Uh oh - busted!

Might as well enjoy myself while I am here! Mmmm pine needles!
I think Christmas is going to be fun! Shame mummy won't let me in the living room on my own!  I wonder why?!?


  1. Oh priceless! hee heeee Jan xx

  2. That is so fun! oh and a beautiful tree too :)
    happy holidays.

  3. Hee-heeee a real life Simon's Cat ;-)

    I have left our tree in the care of the tabby one and the ginger one - should I be worried. Do you think they are lulling me into a false state of trust?


  4. Hi Celia - I just watched that film and i think Simon's cat and my cat must be related hehe


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