Day Ten - Keep on blogging

Well I have made it to double figures - Yay!

It it the lovely Paul's birthday today and we both have the day off so this post is going to be a short one!

There are a few of us still in the running with Gina's Advent Blog so do pop over and take a look at them. If you are joining in let me know and I'll add you to my list.
This has been very therapeutic for me - and has made me make time in my day to blog. When you sit alone late at night writing your blog posts it can be hard to imagine people all over the world reading the thoughts as they tumble out of your head! But it seems that people do - and they leave comments (sometimes). I am a terrible lurker - following lots of blogs and not commenting on them very often. Well that is going to be one of my New Years resolutions (perhaps one I will manage to keep) - is to comment more frequently and let the blogger know that I am there... and listening! So to all those fabulous bloggers out there - who I follow and don't always speak to - I raise a virtual glass to you and thank you for making my day a little brighter!
 Pic courtesy of wikipedia - not me :)


  1. Confession of a lurker! I read your blog EVERY day ;) It's really good, BTW.

    Happy Birthday Paul!

  2. Happy Birthday Paul hope you both enjoy your day off ~ Ally x

  3. Happy Bithday Paul have a lovely evening together ,I am enjoying your daily blog , Jan xx

  4. I'm a lurker too! It is my husbands birthday today.


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