Monday, 27 April 2009

home at last

Just a very quick note to say that I finally moved over the weekend, and thanks to those who sent their best wishes.
The studio has yet to take shape because it is at the top of the house and I am unpacking 'upwards' but the boxes are all there and waiting to find a home. So hopefully by the end of next weekend I will be breaking the back of the chaos!!!

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

update on the move....

I have still not move - and the house is in chaos with boxes everywhere. I now have a weeks holiday with nothing to do but pack and trip over things!

My studio is packed which means I cant do much in there this week. However, whilst clearing out I found a stash of cross stitches - some finished and not framed, like this tiger which seemed to take forever due to the amount of colours..

to unfinished like this three panel dragonfly piece.

And even some random unfinished items like this partly stiched doll that looks a little sorry for itself.

Maybe I will get around to doing something with them all one day!

Sunday, 12 April 2009

a life in boxes

Well the trauma of packing for the move has started. It is at least a week before we are due to go (assuming that solicitors and mortgage companies can get their act together) but I want to get on top of things. The biggest job is going to be packing up my embroidery room. I sat down earlier to pack the magazines (an easy start I hear you say) - but no, 3 hours later I had read all of them and still not placed a single one in a box. I think that this may take a little longer than planned!!

I look forward to seeing the half finished projects and forgotten purchases that I will most likely find in hidden spaces! What fun - I can't wait!!!!

Friday, 10 April 2009

Just messing about...

My favourite thing about textiles is that you have a huge opportunity to play! Great things can come out of a bit of a mess about, or you might simply end up with a mess!

This piece is is the perfect example. The other night - in a fit of boredom with TV - I got out a pile of synthetic fabrics in some rather garish colours.
I machine stitched them down onto some felt.

Then I used my heat gun to distress the fabrics and applied more machine stitching in a number of variated threads.

Next came some heavy hand stitching in running, feather and chain stitch and a few beads for good measure. I have had it with me this week in hotel rooms along the south coast - and so has had some serious stitching!!!

It is nearly finished now, and I plan to make it into a book cover - if I eventually get around to it. No bad for a bit of a play!

Happy stones

I met a lovely man in Eastbourne yesterday - and I am not just saying that because he thought I was a student and immediately knocked about 10 years off my age - which is always lovely! And you cant say he had bad eyesight because this particular man makes gemstone jewellery.

I was just pottering around some shops on the way back to the car after a day working at a firm in Eastbourne when I spotted this beaded jewellery shop and I was simply drawn in like a moth to a flame. Now this is a man who loves his job! His work all use semi precious stones simply strung and absolutely gorgeous.

My idea was to buy, and then break up into individual cabochons to use in my work. However I am wearing the red jasper one now, and I am not sure I want to break it now! I feel stunning!!

The other necklace uses green 'Agate Botswana' which are the teardrop shaped stones, the large ovals and small brown ovals are types of Jasper, the small green and black ovals are 'Ruby Zoisite' and the others are types of Carnelian. The pic doesn't really do justice because the colours are AMAZING!
As you can see, he uses amazing stones, and I got the pieces cheaper than I could if I bought the stones individually. So they were a bargain as well as a pleasure to buy. If you are ever passing, pay the man a visit. 10 mins in his company surrounded by such beautiful work prepared me for the 7 hour drive home at the beginning of a bank holiday weekend! His details are Gef Tom Son - Studio 26, Enterprize Centre, Station Parade, Eastbourne, East Sussex - 01323 412342. He loves gemstones, and he loves to talk to the women who will wear them!!

Thursday, 9 April 2009


Well it is that time of year again. Spring is definately in the air and the daffs are in bloom... and my thoughts are drawn to new beginnings, and endings. This Sunday will be 6 years since my Nev died, and dispite a new and wonderful life I will probably never let that day pass without a quiet having a quiet moment. This year April 12th falls on Easter Sunday which means I will probably be out with family smiling and eating chocolate for most of the day. But when all of that is over, I will move into my studio for a time, and concentrate on making something beautiful.

I sometimes think that I am truely blessed. I should have been in the car with Nev that day, and probably wouldnt have survived. But I wasnt. I was given a second chance, at life, and at happiness and I am determined to make the best of what I have. So I try to let my creativity flow and make the best of what I have been given - if that is family, friends, or an interesting pile of fabric scraps. So this Easter I plan to let my creativity flow and see what happens.

Monday, 6 April 2009

Midnight Dreams

Well that was a busy weekend! The good weather meant that it was perfect to be out and about. Saturday was spent with my brother Simon and his girlfriend Sarah for an afternoon visit to the pub followed by a mexican feast for four. And boy was it a feast!! If I say so myself I certainly cooked up a storm!

Sunday was spent out and about with my nephew James for his birthday. Having reached the great age of 5, I decided that it was time he and Isoent some serious fun time togetherand so we paid a visit to the Hamerton Wildlife park. What a brilliant day - and I was completely warn out! I dont know where he gets his energy.

Dispite a very busy time, I still managed to get my necklace finished for the Fire Mountain gems competition. This is the first time I have entered any of my work in a competition so it has been quite a challenge.

It's called Midnight Dreams and uses 6 fabulous Cats eye glass cabochons and 3 sapphire swarovski crystals to make an impressive focal piece.
The collar uses delica seed beads (#11) with alternating peyote stitch bands and strung loops to make a large 'chain'. I think this balances the weight of the front piece nicely.
So the pics and forms have all been popped in the post and are winging their way to the states and my fingers are firmly crossed.