Day Twelve - Contemporary Embroidery and a litle something for me!

I follow a lot of blogs and I like to treat myself to something nice from one of them every now and again. And as it is Christmas I thought now is the time... and Karen at Contemporary Embroidery was having a sale in her Etsy shop.

So I thought it would be rude not to buy something!

I settled on a piece called Grandmas Sunday Linen in her signature white on white and it is delightful!

It is 25cm square and exquisite! Constructed from vintage cotton cloth this piece is heavily embellished with hand stitch and is designed to be very reminiscent of the domestic linen your grandmother may have owned this piece (though probably not mine!) I love the fact that I can own a unique piece of art which has been created with love and a generous spirit by someone sitting in a room anywhere in the world - and blogland brings it to my door!

I am delighted and will have to find somewhere special to display it!


  1. I am so happy (and relieved!!phew!!) that you like this. I have to admit I was getting a little worried when I didn't hear anything!! It is a special feeling when I know my work is cherished by a buyer. Thankyou so much, Karen

  2. This is beautiful, so exquisite, and thanks so much for visiting my blog too.
    I notice you are from Peterborough, I was born in Boston and lived in Spalding for the first nine years of my life.

  3. How lovely ,yes it is someting to treasure and to show off Karen is so talented Jan xx

  4. Wow! That is a stunning piece. An heirloom for sure!

  5. Lucky you - it's beautiful. I'm lucky enough to have some of Karen's work too.


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