Day Nine - guests this Christmas

Today I thought I would introduce you to a couple of guests that my Mum sent over to stay with us last year and who have settled in nicely!

Aren't they fabulous! She made them from a pattern she saw in an old magazine she has had for ages. The bodies are made from a 'suede-y' coat she found in a charity shop so they feel lovely and soft. The hats are from some old fleeces and the 'fur' trimmings are recycled from an old winter jacket. She is so clever!!!

I love them and they always make me smile! They will be watching the festivities from the sofa again this year!


  1. Ahh we see where your talent comes from ...they are charming ,what are their names ? bearing in mind you called an elephant Morris lol Jan xx

  2. They are really lovely ~ they can come and stay with me anytime :O) ~ Ally x

  3. They really are lovely, what better guests could you have stay for Christmas!

  4. I like them as guests they won't eat too much!!


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