Day Seventeen - And Santa came early

In our family we are quite a practical bunch, and we like to give practical presents at Christmas. When my Dad asked me what I would like this year I knew exactly what I wanted - and yesterday it arrived! 32 feet of shelves! Yes my dear Dad is a handy chap and he came over and spent the day putting up my new shelves in my studio including 8 feet in the studio en-suite (how posh is that - my sewing machine has it's own loo!!!).

Here are the shelves partly filled already!

And additional space in the loo:

Isn't that brilliant? I am so spoilt! I have so much stuff that I forget I own because it is tucked away in a draw and I never get to see it. Now I just need a few more clear boxes and I am away! Tidy-tastic!! Though this is the other (yet to be tidied) side of the loo....

I am sure there is a tonne of UFOs in that little lot some where! Maybe I will get through it before the new year!!!

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  1. What a super Dad ,you must be so pleased to have all that lovely space to see all your goodies Jan xx


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