Day Nineteen and it's been a busy day

I have spent most of today in the living room wrapping gifts! Nearly all the home made gifts are finished (well almost finished!). So now the tree is up, the gifts resting underneath it, and the only thing left to do is get out the Christmas dollshouse. I built this two years ago and it spends the other 11 and 1/2 months of the year packed away. It is not a whole house - just a house box, but it has a lit tree and gifts for the family who have just popped out of the room.

Here is a video of it that I recorded after I first made it.


  1. What a lovely lovely Christmas decoration ,and what a shame it is boxed up all year, never mind it makes it even more special, when it comes out and you can look at it again .did I say its lovely ? Jan xx

  2. Love the Christmas doll's house! So cute.

  3. What a beautiful Doll's House, you made a wonderful job of it. I'm sure the family living there must love it, the Borrowers certainly would have. :-)


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