Day Twenty One and an afternoon with Peppa Pig

My niece Kiah is 3 and she lurrrrrvs Peppa Pig. I mean... she is mad about the little lady. So for part of her birthday box we caught the train to London to pay a visit to see Peppa in person! Now I dont have any little bundles of joy myself (well apart from the kittens) and this is the first time we have been out together unsupervised by an adult! So who knows what was going to happen!

Well as it turned out she was a little angel! We got the colouring book out on the 1 hr train ride down to London, and she was so good on the tube, chatting away the whole time.
The show was brilliant - with lots of opportunity to sing along and dance about. Kiah (and I) had a fabulous time. She was having such fun I almost had a tearful moment as she sang happy birthday to Peppa Pig.  And then they made it snow at the end.... well! 

The only downside was when I managed to lose the train ticket when we went to the loo, but Kiah thought it was hilarious when we ran down the platform to find the lost ticket. We made the train in time and collapsed in our seats laughing! Just like funny Aunty Sarah!!!

What a brilliant way to spend the day! I dropped her off at home at about 7pm and I think we will both sleep well tonight!

Thanks to my baby brother Tim for letting me take her all the way to London on our own, and for letting me publish this pic of us both! I hope today is a day she will remember for many many years to come!


  1. I think you'll grow up to be the funnest favoritest Auntie for sure!

  2. How lovely to have such a fun Aunty like you!


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