Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Elephants on parade

Apologies for not entering the blogosphere for a while but I have been laid low with the flu!

Now that I am feeling better I thought that I would share with you a couple of toys that I made before I fell ill. I bought some deliciously bright fabric from art and stitch and made some simple patchwork elephants - a mummy and a baby.
they look so cute in the grass!
I think I might try a giraffe next - possibly with 4 legs this time!

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Fire Mountain Gems results

Well the results have been published from the Fire Mountain Gems beading contest.

My 'Midnight Dreams' necklace. I was a finalist out of 1,700 entries which still stuns me to silence!

The winner in my category of 'cabochons'.

The overall winner.

What amazing work!!!

Monday, 14 September 2009

Small and Mighty

Yesterday we took a trip to the antiques fair at wood green animal shelter near Huntingdon and I found this little beauty for £15.
And little is the word! It only measure 7 inches in height - and that is a normal sized reel of thread in it. Fortunately it takes normal sized needles.
It is a wonder and actually works. A few turns of the handle and I got some (wobbly) straight stitch out of it. It needs a good clean and some oiling but I am chuffed with it!
It came with the original user manual too.
It doesn't use a bobbin, just some ingenious twiddling with the top thread underneath.

The lady who sold it to me said it was from the 1950's which is probably about right having looked up the Essex Miniature sewing machine on the Internet. It is quite hard work though, so I wonder if any of the children who received this as a gift ever actually made anything with it!

Friday, 4 September 2009

All fired up for beading...

Flushed with my success with Midnight dreams in the Fire Mountain Gems contest (and those of you who know me will know that I was incredibly flushed), I have decided to enter another beading contest.
This one is called Use the Muse and sounds brilliant. You purchase a bundle of beads (including the Muse focal bead) and away you go, creating a wearble piece. You can do exactly as you like, using as much or a little of the bundle as you want - though you MUST use the Muse! The results for the previous 2 contests where amazing, and I love seeing th different work produced from the same set of beads. So I have sent my $30 for the beads, and I await the parcel with baited breath!

As the main rule of Use the Muse is that you don't reveal the Muse until the results are published, so I would not be able to share any pics until it is done, but I think I can manage. Winners are announced mid November so it is not too long to keep schtum!!!

Thursday, 3 September 2009


This is a wall hanging that I blogged about while I was working on it. It was my first 'free form' attempt at quilting after starting a monthly quilting course at Art & Stitch with Anne Stacey. Now that it is finished I thought that I would give you a peek.

It is called ' I Miss My Garden' because my new house only has lawn, and I miss flowers!
I quilted it with free style leaves around the edge.

I am delighted with the results and will find some sunny spot in the house to hang it!

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

A wet Bank holiday...

A couple of months ago I attended my first class in quilting at Art & Stitch in Peterborough. It was a crazy patchwork/ embellishing/ cushion making class and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I chose the colours to match the colour scheme in the bedroom of my new house. I stitched most of the patchwork on the day and finished the beading 2 days later. That was about 3 months ago and it has sat patiently in the corner of my studio waiting to be miraculously turned into a proper, usable cushion.
And guess what, a rainy bank holiday Monday drove me to finish it off!
I am glad I finally got around to putting it together, and it looks great on my bed!

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Fire Mountain Gems Beading Contest results

I wanted to share the results of my entry into the Fire Mountain Gem beading contest that I entered in April. I think the photo says it all!They don't tell you how you did until they return your piece - and so I was thrilled when I opened the box - and the $10 gift voucher should cover the postage on me next order lol.

Thanks to all of those who wished me luck on entering Midnight Dreams. Being a finalist on my first 'go' will be a hard act to follow. I will have to think hard on my effort for 2010!