Day Two - more treasure

So I left you with the image of Vicki and myself 'whoring it' (otherwise known as shopping!) around the knitting and stitching show in snowy Harrogate! Two days is definitely a better option than trying to cover it all in a single day.The first day was exhausting so we started Sunday gently with a course. I did a gold work course with Tracey Franklin - (which I can't photograph as I can't seem to find it today!!!) . I did one of hers sessions a few years ago and enjoyed it just as much this time - whilst adding a few new gold work stitches to my 'bow'.

Vicki did a bag class with Sally Holman which she enjoyed - even though it was hand stitching which V has no patience for!

There was (of course) more shopping to be done.

I had a voucher from Art Van Go I paid a visit to their stand. I was looking for some aluminium because I need to make some dog tags for a commission (more about that in another blog!). I couldn't lay my hands on any, and ended up being swayed with some copper shim and some netting. I have NO idea what I will do with them but that is half the fun of these shows!!!
 This didn't cover the value of my voucher so I picked up a couple of books including one from the fabulous Ruth Issett She was there demonstrating and remembered me from the dying weekend we had a tArt & Stitch earlier in the year. I had been particularly taken with the Markal sticks and have since purchased a set, so the book will be a valuable source of inspiration. I got the other book for Paul as he likes playing around with photos (he takes great pictures) and I thought it would be nice for him to see how he could use them in a different way (it isn't aimed at textile people!)
I also picked up a few kits: 
The one on the left is an origami kit for making a Christmas ball which I am quite keen to have a go at! The pattern in the middle is a plan for next Christmas - it was so charming and a bargain at only £6. I can see elements of it being used for all sorts of things! The final kit is a Japanese tote bag kit for my friend's daughter who is keen to get making - so a perfect start! One Christmas gift down... plenty more to go!

So all in all the weekend was a success. The journey home was a nightmare as the weather had taken a turn for the worst and it took us an hour to cover the first 9 miles as we skated sideways down the A1, but it cleared up about 20 miles south of Harrogate and we got home in one piece!

 See you tomorrow for day 3 of the advent blog!

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  1. Did the bag include the material if so it was good value ,and also if so, is there a link ,great present ,,''let em make their own ''hee hee Jan xx PS Am loving this twelve days of Christmas with you xx


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