Monday, 23 July 2012

At last - Summer is here... for a while...

The last two days have been lovely so it has been hard to drag myself up to the sewing room and away from the garden. The pond is looking fabulous and we really enjoy be languorous around it!

However I have managed to get a bit done - with some new bags under way. This is two views of the same bag - each side is different to match your mood! This was a gift to my friend Sarah just because....

I even managed to embed a zip - which I am particularly proud of!

There may be easier ways to do it, but the instructions I found said to take the zip apart - which was fine with this zip which had a metal end thingy to prise off, but the rest of my zips have a nylon end which is glued on! Go figure!

This one has finally reached Canada, and as it was a gift I thought it was best not to share it until it had arrived! Somehow I managed to lose the picture I took, and need to rely on this photo taken upon it's arrival in Alberta. Nancy seems one happy lady as an unsolicited and unexpected gift always goes down a treat !

I have a couple more on the go, and hope to be able to sell a few nearer to Christmas - building your own new business is not the most lucrative way to spend your time and every little counts!

Monday, 9 July 2012

Olympic Torch Relay

I had to work on Tuesday night (3rd) so missed the torch passing through Peterborough. Undaunted I invited myself to a friends house in the early hours of Sunday morning to get my peek of the flame.

I had to get up at 6am to get to St Ives for the torch at 7.50am. We all braved the rain thought there was a bit of a break in the downpour just as the procession passed us by.

 This bus carried the other relay runners who had either done their bit, or were eagerly awaiting their go!

Everyone was dancing in the rain!
Here he comes!

This is the point where they passed the torch on to the next runner. So we got two for the price of one!
I am really excited about the Olympics - with tickets and having taken part in the Gift of Quilts project.