Postcard as inspiration!

Being creative is a great cure for boredom! The other night I was feeling the need to do something but didn't really have an idea/project in mind so I decided to take a look at my notice board for some inspiration. This is where I pin 'bits' that I find interesting, and there is never enough space on it!

On this occasion the thing that caught my eye was a postcard that I bought a few years ago showing an aerial photo of a lake in Yellowstone park. It had the most amazing colours and shapes in it that I immediately drawn to it.

So using this as a starting point I got out my needle felting box.
After creating the shapes and colours I heavily machine stitched some areas in matching colours.

However I still didn't really feel it was working, so when my friend Pam popped round I showed it to her and told her it was missing 'something'. She has a brilliant eye for these thing so when she suggested I pop it in a boil wash I didn't hesitate! Then I put it in the tumble dryer for good measure. I did take the precaution of loosely stitching it inside an old pillow case just in case it decided that the treatment was too much and it was simply going to join the fluff in my machine!
The change is quite subtle but I love the matting effect. It still needs work and I shall pick it up again at some point when some more inspiration hits me, and it will probably be embellished to within an inch of its life! But I am no longer bored!

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  1. I'm sure the felted piece will look lovely when you decide it's finished.
    Wonderful news about the necklace.My fingers are crossed for you.


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