A completed work - at last!

It seems that lately i have been taking classes, but not finishing much! Following a couple of days of well earned holiday pottering around in the sun, the storms have set in today and so I squirrelled myself away in my studio - determined to finish something from my WIP box.

So here are the results of my labour today and I admit to being quite pleased! This grew out of the course I did recently through the embroiderers guild with Susan Stuart called 'Bags of heat' - which involved trapping silk scraps behind a piece of heat sensitive fabric. Then you stitch it heavily, and go mad with the heat gun.

As someone who never likes to make something without a use, I turned the piece into a book cover. I used two gorgeous swarovski crystal buttons (bought from Spoilt Rotten beads on Wednesday) to make the clasp - one on each side. The colours were perfect.

I am delighted with the results - it is a great technique; not least because you don't know exactly how the piece will look until you have finished with the heat gun. It also uses up all of those tiny scraps of fabric that you end up with at the end of a project!

The completed front

The back


  1. *gasp* beautiful! You are doing amazing art with fabric I'm in awe!

  2. Your book cover is beautiful Sarah. Lovely work.


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