Another necklace - a bit of fun!

Just a quick post to share my newest necklace with you. This one is called 'Happiness is a bottomless button box' because it is made mainly of buttons from my button box (otherwise known as old coffee jars)- and I thoroughly enjoyed sorting them.

I have always found button boxes brilliant (hence the name of my blog) - I have fond memories of going through my Grandma's collection when I was a little girl. She had what seemed like thousands - and it was indeed bottomless. I miss my Grandma deeply - she passed away 2 years ago aged 99, but I cannot look at a pile of button without being transported back to her little house, sitting by the fire sorting them in piles while my Grandad watched the cricket. Happy days!

This particular creation was inspired by a necklace made of brightly coloured wooden disks that I saw a lady wearing last weekend. I love the bright colours, and I have a shirt that will 'match' so lookout world - here I come - prepare to be dazzled!!!


  1. Wow! That's lots of fun!

  2. The necklace is much more colourful in real life, so bright it's lovely.
    I hope your doll has recovered from today!

  3. Thanks for your comments ladies. And yes Jalia is recovered from being used as a pin cushion. I gave her a cuddle and she is smiling again!!!

  4. Sarah,
    Thanks for commenting on my blog and liking my art! I'll enter you in the giveaway. Cool necklace, by the way...


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