Greenhouse heaven

Well after 2 nights and the best part of two days (numerous cuts and bruises, some off colour language from your truely and possibly a mild case of heat stroke) the greenhouse is up!

I bought it new from Ebay, and despite the amount of time it took to put the bloomin thing up, I am delighted!!! I put it behind the garage because it is the leat windy spot I could find, and I want to use the water that comes off the roof in the greenhouse. It is 6ft by 8ft though somehow looks tiny now I have built it!

We finished it at 9.30 last night (in the dark) and the first inhabitant moved in straight away!
All I have to do now is find a way to convince Millie that the gravel is not a litter tray!

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  1. Thats not the kind of creative I thought you had in mind!


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