More toys

After the fun I had with my first Toy Society drop, and the fact that I am taking a patchwork class in a few weeks, encouraged me to sit down and make a couple more toys and get used to using my sewing machine 'properly'.

The results were Jalia and L'il Bird.

Jalia is a 'crazy patchwork' doll using some brightly coloured cartoon animal prints from my stash. I loved the vibrancy of the colours, and the fun element introduced with the comical animal design. I really wanted to go for an elongated silhouette and so she has outrageously long arms and legs. I love her and I may have to keep her!

L'il Bird is a much more subtle creation. I had some lovely pastel fabric in my box and so decided to use those. I do not deign these toys, I look at the fabric and have a rough idea of shape when I start, but L'il Bird only became an Owl half way through. It felt to me like he would be a 'wonky' owl, which is why I gave him those funny eyes.
I also couldn't resist some hand embellishment with a little bit of floral stitching around his tummy. I think it suits him!

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