My first ever course

Just to let you know before we start - thi is NOT my work!!! I wish it was but it isnt.
At the weekend I went on my first ever stitching course! It was a day school with the Peterborough branch of the Embroiderers guild at Orton Wistow. The course was called 'Bags of Heat' with a very nice lady called Susan Stuart.
The idea is that using our sewing machines, a heat gun and some fabulous pieces of fabric, we would all create some gorgeous bags.

The Tutor Susan brought along some of her work to give us inspiration and I couldn't resist showing you some of her delightful pieces.

This one is a wall hanging based on a William Morris design (apologies for the camera work - I took these pics on my phone). It was one of my favourite pieces that she bought in - the colours were delightful and the photo really doesn't do it justice.

This one is a book cover and she has used tomato puree tubes which she has supported with felt to make the raised areas.

I love the movement in this one.

The colours in this one really pop!

This was another favourite of mine - I love that Celtic cross motif and the colours were divine.

I will put up some picture of my attempt in another blog - I am waiting for my friend Pam to send me some photos that she took, but rest assured I will be sharing them with you.

Well I am off upstairs to get my stuff together for another course tomorrow - I am going to make a crazy patchwork cushion at Art and Stitch in the morning so I have to rummage through my stash. It's such a hardship! I am looking forward to spending a day with more crafty people - they are the best kind!

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