Midnight dreams update

If you follow my blog you may remember that I entered a necklace called Midnight Dreams into the Fire Mountain Gems Beads contest.
As it is the first time I have entered ANY of my work I was not expecting to get anywhere but I thought it would be good experience and I always work better with a deadline!
Well I have just received a letter this morning from Fire Mountain Gems telling me that I have made it through to the next round! OMG!!!! You could have scraped me off the ceilling I was so surprised. So now I have to package it all up and send it over to the States to be judged in person! The letter says that they are 'judging the finalists' (whatever that means) and checking for 'colour co-ordination and workmanship' of my piece.
So I am off now to check for any loose threads and perhaps have a couple of cups of tea to calm me down!

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  1. Congratulations Sarah and good luck for the next round.


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