A splash of colour

I just thought that I would share a bit of ebay madness with you. The first are 2 bundles of fat quarters in some fantastic bright patterns:
Now I am not suggesting that they are 'mad' but this next one may just show me teetering on the edge.... 4 Jailhouse Rock Elvis patches 11x42"

They made me smile when I saw them in the auction and I am sure I will find a use for them someday!!!
Besides, who in their right minds doesn't love Elvis?


  1. Lovely bright fabrics, I know some one that would love the Elvis patches.

  2. Oh they are great - you could use the elvis panels in an attic window quilt they would look great.

  3. And just who doesn't love Elvis! I'm sure you will create something quite wonderful with "him".

    Thank you, too, for commenting on my blog. Comments, especially those far-flung ones, are a treat to receive. Thank you.

  4. I bought an Elvis Christmas stocking printed panel about 5 years ago so who am I to criticise!
    Lovely fabrics.

  5. Hi Sara we are practicly(sp?) neighbours ,I live in Ramsey ,used to live in P'Boro though hee hee ,I like your Elvis ,but your ebay buys are great too ..love Jan xx


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