New additions to my play room

As a girl who cannot resist a bargain - and the opportunity to play with her stash, I picked up these two CD racks from B&Q the other day for £12 each. And wouldn't you know it - they are just the right size to hold my stash!

Now I am nice and tidy, and there is room on my shelves for more lovely stuff! Best get down the fabric shop then :)

And by way of introduction - please meet Mark (my Christmas gift from my lovely Paul). He does look a little grumpy (Mark - not Paul) but I am sure he will be fine once he settles in!


  1. Hi Sarah, your use of the cd racks is very creative, love your stash even more! Hope you will be making great things with all that treasure!
    Linda x

  2. Hi Linda - thanks for visiting - and I can assure that playing with my stash certainly made my fingers itch to start something new and colourful to make up for this dreary weather!

  3. Hi Sarah,

    What a great idea.

    I love your fabric stash....


  4. Hi Sarah. Thanks so much for the lovely comment and no you don't sound wierd. If that makes you wierd than I'm wierd too and I'm also jealous of your planned trip to the fabric shop, be still my beating heart!!


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