Better late than never...

It has been a very busy week with no time to blog my weekend activities.

As our normal quilting class at Art & Stitch had been postponed on Saturday, my friend Vicki and I decided to take a trip to the Bramble Patch to spend my holiday money (which I have had stashed safely in an envelope since October). What larks!! The plan was to shop and then come back to my studio and stitch. The thing was we spent so long in the shop - and then gassing over a late (and long) lunch that we got back too late for any stitching. Nevermind - I did manage to spend nearly £140 on fabric and significantly increase my stash. So here are my buys:
I bought some more batik bundles in orange, purple and green so use in a 'mental mash' of a lap quilt (details to follow):

I bought these veggie ones simply because I thought that they were fun and I am sure that I will find something to do with them.

I bought some more pinks to make more elephants as I have an order for 2 more of the larger ones. I think they are so cute and they are for two little girls so pink is perfect.

These blacks are fora quilt that I am planning for my gorgeous Paul. He wants something in black to snuggle under when playing his computer games so I am collecting blacks in preparation:

I especially like the text ones!

This one is just plain cute:
So that is what £136 in fat quarters look like. Now I am off upstairs to start making things with them...


  1. Oh wow a successful retail therapy day then - the elephants are lovely.

  2. Wow what a treasure trove ,I am going to look to see what Brable ? is all about now that you spoke off ,I have the tomatoe one hadnt seen the peppers and bluberry ones, delicious Jan xx

  3. Can't wait to see what you come up with now.


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