Erosion project

I stumbled across a blog a few weeks ago about the Erosion Project and my interest was piqued! Basically, you bundle upa whole load of tuff, stick it outside and leave it... for 6 months or so... then you open it and make something out of what you find! Interesting!!

So the other day I sorted out some bits to bundle:

I have included some copper scraps, findings and some metal chain from my jewellery making box, a feather and some tinsel wire from my old fly-tying kit, some paper from the office draw, some scraps of fabric from my scrap box and some broken watch links from a price hard won in a 2p machine in Hunstanton.

So a little late (everyone eslse started at Christmas) I stuck it out in the garden and now we wait and see.

I have wedged it between my heads and a piece wood!

It may be a disaster - a solid pack of paper mache or it may be something really interesting. Lets wait until the summer and see what we shall see!!


  1. Great variety of stuff in your bundle! Glad you've joined us in this project.

  2. Mmm, interesting. I'm sure that wharever happens to your stuff you'l make something out of it. Can't wait to see what.

  3. I am supposed to be doing this too but I keep forgetting! Doh!

  4. Most of the Erosion Bundle blog people are using April 15th as the open date....
    Looking forward to seeing how yours lasts in 6 months instead of the 3.5 I am doing it.


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