Sunday, 10 January 2010

nearly there....

Well this is the current situation for my sampler quilt that I have been working on for what seems for ever! I have been attending monthly classes at Art & Stitch since the summer and after a mammoth effort (stitching til 4am Sunday morning) I have finally got it looking like a quilt!
OK, well there is still the outer border to go, then the bastings, then the quilting and then the binding... but I am getting there at last. Instead of a pile of squares littering my sewing room I finally have something to show for all those hours of classes! I wonder if it will be finished by 2011???


  1. Well done! I've got a pile of squares sitting in my workroon that I don't think will ever make it to being a quilt!

  2. Hi Sarah,
    Thanks for your lovely comment.
    Your lovely quilt looks nearly finished to me!
    I wish I could keep my stash as neat as yours.

  3. I salute you...this is gorgeous...but to work queen size! I could not do it!

  4. Sarah that quilt is super you must be soo pleased, bring it in so we can see it in the flesh.


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