Thursday, 28 January 2010

Slowly getting there

It is taking some time but I thought I would show you my 'nearly finished' Mental Mashup lap quilt that I made out of the batik fabrics I got from my trip the Bramble Patch the other week. I didn't follow a pattern - it is simply 3 piles of 8 fabrics cut into 5 pieces and then restitched together.

 So far I have randomly quilted around the squares:

I have used a verigated thread to match the mix of colours in the quilt.

I am still deciding what to quilt in the lattice around the squares - possibly some leaves as some of the batiks have leaf designs in them.

This is only my second qo at quilting a quilt - the one I did for Dad at christmas was my first. I have bought myself some quilting gloves now which definately makes life easier - but it is still tough getting it through my Janome! I dread to think how I am going to manage when I finally get my queen size sampler quilt top finished - now that will be a challenge!

Well I will take some photos when it is done so you can see it before it goes to it's new home - in the sitting room over my knees! I am definately keeping this one!


  1. Wow you have been busy ,and what jewel colours ,I hadnt heard of variegated thread ,what a great idea ,'thinks' ..must get some ! Jan xx

  2. That is beautiful you are doing so well - thought you were coming into to see us today for lunch where are you!!!!!

  3. Blogging twice in one day - that's good for us. Quilt is looking good. Not long now and it will be finished. Don't forget to show us.

  4. I do love batiks and your quilt is lovely, so warm and colourful. I have made 2 children's quilts on my Janome and it is hard work manoevring them about. I have an extension table for my embellisher and I used that with the sewing machine to support the second quilt and it did help.

  5. Great color choices Sarah! Now that's what I call a happy quilt!


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