My first project of 2010

Well I started as I mean to go on - and started a new project last night. This followed on from the picture that I blogged about the other day after a class with Gina. The new project used many of the same techniques, and also followed on from a lecture from Angela about my lack of needle case.

So to show her I made 2 - one last night and one tonight:

I have used Tyvek, netting, paper and a heat gun, with extensive machine stitching and some obligatory beading on each one. You can click on the images to see more detail.

I have made 2 because I know my friend Vicky doesn't have a case either so I hope she likes it. I think I will let her choose which one she wants because I can't decide which one to give away.

In both pieces I have used my favourite colour combinations of red, purple and turquoise which are showing a lot in my work lately - and they really speak to me. Add a bit of gold paper and some sparkly beads and you have my dream made fabric!


  1. Such lovely needle cases, Vicky is a lucky person.

  2. Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog! Really wanted to do the gift grant because it has meant so much to me to get support over the years to be a 'creative' person - it's not been easy!

    It's brilliant what you are doing and so nice when you get feedback and sales isn't it?! I need to do some more stitching too, it's so inspiration to see what others are doing.

    I really hope 2010 fufills your creative dreams and more!

    I will be back.



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