Who's the cutest....?

You may recall that I recently shared with you my first baby quilt that I created for the eagerly awaited Harvey. Well on Sunday I finally got around to delivering it to him. And as you can see, he is delighted :)

Unfortunately I had to give him back to his doting mum - she wouldn't let me take him home with me!!! He is only 3 weeks old and the cutest little fellow you ever did see, and his mum has kindly given me permission to share a pic of him and his new quilt!

He looks like one of those newborn dolls (more of those another day) - but I can assure you that he is the real deal (and unbelievably well behaved)

I am sure that Harvey will love all the little animals on the quilt, once he is old enough to focus on them.


  1. Harvey is all you say he is ,as well as a lucky boy to own that lovely quilt ...love Jan xx

  2. Just tried to read your entry for today ,and its telling me its unavailable ,we were in P'boro today ...love Jan xx


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