So what do you do on an 8 hr train journey...

Now that is a good question! I am working in Inverness tomorrow so caught the train from Peterborough. It is a long way, and a mammoth journey - but at least it is direct!

So what to do with all of that time? Well I had to do some work (of course) - with emails and telephone calls flying through the ether. But by 5pm that had calmed down a little, so I read some blogs and then got the travelling stitch box out!

I have finally got around to starting some samples for an idea that has been buzzing around my head for a month or two. I don't want to share too much about my next piece quite yet as it is still in it's infancy, except to tell you that it contains text (based on my feelings about my own hearing loss). It just goes to show that we can get some creative work done anywhere - even on the 12.47 to Inverness!!!!

So just to share a couple of pics of Inverness before I head back to Peterborough....


  1. Well done Sarah ,good use of the time ,the pics of Inverness are lovely ,Now Im curious to see what you are planning ,hmmm ?,love Jan xx

  2. Oh I liked Inverness but it was wet when we went last year. Glad you were able to make use of the time on the train look forward to seeing your next piece of work xx


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