Well it is nearly upon us - Peterborough Artists Open Studios starts this weekend and runs for 3 weekends. I will be exhibiting in house 16 (Art & Stitch) with Angela (textiles) and Pamela (quilts). I will be showing beaded buttons, beaded jewellery, book covers, quilted toys and quilts.

Good luck to all the exhibitors. The only problem with exhibiting this year is that I will not be able to visit the other artists. I had a great time last year and really enjoyed their work.

Some highlights for me last year where:

Kay Hall in House 8 - her work in mosaic and textiles uses the most beautiful jewel-like colours.

Anita Bruce in House 4 - her textile constructions are like nothing you have ever seen! She creates life in wire! She kindly paid a visit to our Embroiderers Guild last year and we were all transfixed by her creations. Well worth a visit to see something truly original. She also has a website so you can get a sense of what she does and the sense of humour she applies to it.

This year there are a couple more who pique my interest from reading the catalogue...

Nadine Gereson who is exhibiting with Kay Hall in house 8 - and makes what looks like amazing jewellery!

Denise Brown in house 12 (website ) makes gorgeous silver jewellery and stoneware ceramics. She is also sharing space with some other talents including Helen Roberts whose ceramics appear to have 'grown'!

Fig Tree Art Studio in house 23 (website) also looks like it could be interesting - there is some in Pina's work at the restaurant around the corner from where I live - Flamas. The website contains a warning  that the exhibition may contain nudes! So form an orderly queue ladies!

So if any of you get the chance to pay these talented people a visit - please drop by and tell me about it!

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  1. That is true we do not get the chance to look around at other places. Look forward to seeing you set up tomorrow.


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