Monday, 21 June 2010

A quick break in the sun....

Well yesterday was such a beautiful day here in Peterborough that it felt wrong to stay locked in in my studio - even though the Open studios is less than a week away and I have a PILE of stuff to finish off!

So I took my little trowel and headed out into the garden.

We have lived in our new-build for just over a year so this is the first chance I have had to really get something in the ground and soI wanted to share my early 'successes' with fruit! They may be the only ones once the birds find out where we live!

This is our first cherry - and boy did it taste good!
Some alpine strawberries that taste like heaven... even though they are so tiny!
Proper size strawberries!
 And Marvel of Marvels - some blueberries in my greenhouse! I never thought I would get any fruit; I only bought them because I loved the flowers.

There are still raspberries and redcurrants to come so fingers crossed!

Apart from a spot of gardening, we spent Saturday night at a dinner with family & friends to celebrate my Dad's 65th birthday and retirement. With 20 of us taking over the restaurant a jolly evening was had by all (especially my lovely Dad!!)

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  1. Wow if thats the first year in your garden ,you have done well ,so pleased you had a good time with your lovely Dad Jan xx


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