A little bloggin is a dangerous thing!!!

I am working in London today, and while my client is having lunch I decided to check out the blogs that I follow. Bad move!!!

Dotty Delightful shared a pic and a link to this bag and I fell in love! 30 secs later and the credit card takes yet another hammering!!

This means that a quick roundup of my lunchtime reading cost £34.99 + p&p! But what a gorgeous hardship! I can't wait until it arrives next week - I will be moomin-tastic!!!


  1. Love the bag Sarah ,and the spontinaetly (sp)buying it ,I do things like that, I went over to introduce myself at Dotty's blog...love Jan xx

  2. ohh im so glad its not just me with the bag fetish then!!, let us know if its truly lovely when it arrives x


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