Erosion bundle

Better late than never - I started late so I finished late. I removed and opened my bundle last weekend but have only just got around to posting the blog about it.

As you may recall, the Erosion project involves creating a bundle of 'bits' and then leaving it out in the elements for a couple of months. Then we open it, and make something fabulous out of what we find!

The first thing about my bundle is that it is pink!

Very pink!
Some of this is from the elastic band that I used to wrap up my parcel. It bleached into the fabric and paper very early on.The circular wooden bead has become discoloured too which is interesting.
I had also included some purple paper in the bundle, and that has left it's mark too.The brown areas are rust from a couple of bits of copper that I had added to the bundle.

I wonder if I would have got a more interesting effect if I had buried it rather than leaving on the top of my lawn!

So far I have only looked at the contents - I have not started my 'making'; I am waiting for some inspiration!  I have until Aug 1st for the big reveal so I will get my exhibition work for Peterborough Artists Open Studio finished first and then set to it. Though if I get the other pieces finished first I would like to include it - perhaps with a board describing the project. Now that could be interesting!!!

Ideas so far are to perhaps create some jewellery. I like the idea of wearing something that has spent months outdoors going 'off', and then wearing it with a nice new outfit! I shall have to think about it some more, and keep looking at it until inspiration dawns!


  1. WOW!! I love pink! So far you win the bundle with the most color....Great stuff. I bet you make something pink with it ;)

  2. You will have to get sketching in that little book of yours! Look forward to seeing the work in progress. See you soon.

  3. Wow the pink is grand, can't wait to see how you finish it. Mine all came out brown with a little time I will have to think pink!

  4. what amazing color!! I have never seen an erosion bundle like this!!

  5. That is a gorgeous result. Looking forward to seeing what you do with it. xx


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