Since you've been gone...

Well since "I've" been gone really... April was a mental month in the real world with so much going on that it made my head spin! With 2 pieces of coursework to be handed in for my MSc (in e-learning) and virtually living in Cumbria for my day job, my studio stood empty for of the month. However I did manage to get 2 things completed and here they

One is a birthday gift for my Mum - she never reads my blog so this won't spoil the surprise! It was from a pattern given to me by my friend Julie and was so easy to make - it took me an evening to get it together.

The fabrics were a bundle called "American Retro" that I fell in love with during a recent (work)trip to London that took me past (kind of) Liberty's! What a place!!! Anyway, it was not cheap, but the colours were a joy so I had to have it! At least there is still half of it left so I can make something that I don't have to give away!!!

That is me in the picture - because the lovely Paul refused to be captured in an apron, even when I promised to crop off his head (in the picture - not literally!!). He suggested that you might see more of the apron if I wore it (hence he is now residing in the shed in disgrace). He claims he meant that it was more suited to my 'womanly curves' but I dont buy it. Good job he is lovely or he might end up in the shed indefinitely!!!

The other project was some more beaded buttons. I am teaching the class again at Art & Stitch on the 12th of June and I wanted some more samples so I decided to do a single colourway set.

I chose my colour of the moment - blue!

I wanted to use the same beads on all three but to produce distinctly different looks. This one is a simply circle pattern around a little flower bead.
This one is my favourite. The opalescence reminds me of one of those Faberge eggs handed out by the Russian aristocracy!
The final one was a freeform button - simply to play around and move away from the more rigid patterns of the other two. I think I may frame these three together and display them as a picture rather than have them hanging around in a draw!

Anyway, I hope to spend some more time in my studio over the next few weeks and get some more stuff done. I am doing the Peterborough Artists Open Studios this year and so need to get some more stuff done. I have my erosion bundle to get cracking with, and a wall hanging that is nearly done! I will be blogging about these soon enough!


  1. I was tempted by those fabrics in Liberty's too... but resisted in the end knowing just how long it takes me to complete anything patchworky! Love those buttons.

  2. Wow the apron looks great - now I wish i had succumbed to weakness when down at the V & A!!! oh well. Love the buttons may just have to make a pale blue bag to put one on!!!!!

  3. The apron is lovely and the yellow squares go very well with the other fabrics.The buttons are great.


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