After Hundertwasser mini quilt

Well I have teased you with the pictures of Hundertwassers work that has acted as a source of inspiration.

I love his work, with the colours and organic flow of the shapes. This has led to the development of my mini quilt "After Hundertwasser!". Below are pics of the pages of my journal as I worked through ideas for this piece. Bungalows and Pavilions was a major inspiration which I hope you can see reflected in the final piece!

Here are some of the test swatches that I had a play with before putting the final piece together. I think that I may frame them and display them next to the mini quilt.

 Well this is the final piece.  You can't really see the black border which echos Hundertwassers common choice of a black frame (grass was possibly not the best choice of background!).

I am general very pleased with the way the design turned out. I love the colours of the silks which I had been gathering together for this specific purpose since last years National Quilting Exhibition at the NEC. I wanted to add some texture to the piece using a few choice buttons and beads, but without overwhelming the design.

Many of the patches were stitched  before I put them altogether and quilted them again. This approach restricted how the final piece was built and makes it quite firm.

This piece has already begun developing into something new though I would like my next piece to have a little more 'curve' to the elements. Of course I shall share!!


  1. Wow that is lovely looking forward to seeing it in the flesh.

  2. Well that is absolutely gorgeous! Stunning colors.
    I loved the inspiration behind your project. Truly a great piece you created!

  3. It's beautiful Sarah and very visually exciting.


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