Peterborough Artists Open Studio

I noticed that the artists are shown on the Peterborough Artists Open Studios website, and the fact that I am showing this year (in house 16) is really beginning to sink in. A chance comment made back in a cold and depressing February in Art & Stitch has led me here, to a fully fledger (nearly) exhibited artist!

The shop will be open all 3 weekends, though I will only be there weeks 1 & 2 due to a family wedding on the 3rd weekend (I did ask them to move the wedding but no joy lol).
The dates when Peterborough comes alive with the work of local artists are:
26th-27th June  - Weekend 1 10-4pm,
3rd - 4th July - Weekend 2 10-4pm,
10th-11th July - Weekend 3 10-4pm

This is the first time that I have exhibited on my own and it is a daunting prospect. I have previously displayed work as part of the Embroiderers guild but it was 4 pieces in a room with about 50 other pieces. This time I get a room of my own! I paid it a visit on Saturday and it seems bigger when it is empty!

Being part of the Peterborough Artists Open Studio of course means that I am not exhibiting truely on my own. They print the brochures, they produce the advertising for the whole event, and they supply the maps showing the locations for each artist. I don't even have to worry about the location because I will be settled in the exhibition room next to Art & Stitch. So I am not really exhibiting on my own at all! But I will be sitting in that room, with my work, for the duration, perhaps talking to visitors (assuming they fancy a chat) and in that space I will be alone... and exposed!

This has got me thinking! I have shown people my work before, I blog about it and I showed at the guild, but this is the first time people I don't know will be inspecting my work within my earshot! That is quite scary. What if they don't like it? Will I be offended? Obviously I want everyone to love everything I do, but that is not what will happen. There will always be someone there who doesn't like it.  I think that I have to prepare myself for varying reactions, and develop a thicker skin! After all - you can't please all of the people all of the time!


  1. I'm sure you'll have a great time Sarah and I don't think you'll have much to worry about. I must admit I would feel a bit nervous but it's only the odd person who may not be on your wavelength. My DH and I held a small exhibition of his photos and my paintings at his workplace years ago and people were very complimentary. if anyone was unappreciative I didn't hear them ;o)

  2. Sarah I'm so pleased for you! Yes it can be scary going this public with your work, but I think you'll find that most people are very suportive. THose that don't like your work probably won't say so in your earshot, they'll just not linger at your display. You can't take it personally (hard I know). Do be prepared to hear a bit of "oh I can do that" or "My aunt makes these". But I'm sure you'll hear mostly compliments and folks telling you how talented you are.

    I remember being petrified the first time I showed my paintings in public over a decade ago. Then being totally floored when someone actually handed me money for one of them! But I've also had my share of rejections - and the skin does thicken up over time.

    Have fun and bask in all the admiration I'm sure you're going to get!

  3. Thank you Deborah - that makes me feel better. It is a bit scarey and getting ready is going to be a bit of a trial but I love a deadline! x

  4. Thanks Julie - I love the idea of selective hearing; I think I shall perfect the technique x

  5. It's fantastic to see textile art included in art on the map, I am looking forward to doing 'the tour' and seeing your work.


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