Common dilemma

So you have got to the end of a project, and you realise it needs a little something. That little bit of extra embellishment to lift it into the extraordinary. A button!! That's what it needs. So you begin to search for one that matches just 'so', but you can't find the perfect one.

The answer is to make one!!!! This is where I can help :)

I am vdelighted to be teaching my Beaded Button course again at Art and Stitch in Peterborough on the 12th June (supplies are available in the shop).

This course teaches basic techniques to enable you to decorate button blanks to add a special touch to any piece.

This is a great way of using up beads in your bead soup and create unique items to embellish your own creations. These buttons can be added to clothes, bags or simply worn as a brooch with the addition of a clasp.

The course will show you how to create your own unique designs using a variety of simple bead embroidery techniques which can then be applied to any beading project that you chooose. The techniques can be used to fully, or partly, bead an button to create whatever suits your mood.

I hope to see some of you there!


  1. Well sadly I cannot be at the's a long long way from here. But I really admire these buttons and would love to be able to create something like them!

  2. I like the set of three blue buttons Sarah.

  3. I would love to be in this class!

  4. Sarah the buttons look lovely and I know anyone who comes to the class will go away with beautiful buttons made.


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