Someone's making friends!

The fabulous Gina came to my shop last year to teach her brilliant Diva Dolls class. Well, as she is returning to teach it again in May I thought that I really should get around to finishing the embellishment on my mermaid that I made over the two days when she last visited. She (I haven't come up with a name yet) was put together on the two day course but is still less than decent in her attire and not really fit for company. I will post some pictures once she is more appropriately dressed!

However, someone seems keen to make friends with her, no matter how she is dressed.

Maisy is always keen to see what Mummy is playing with this week and she seems to have made a friend!


  1. She looks amazing Sarah, very tempted by the Diva dolls workshop but sadly can't do one of the dates :-( xx

  2. Ooops... that reminds me that perhaps I should finish the doll that I started too!


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