Now some pictures... and less words!

After the kind response to my post about why we create - I thought I would share some pictures of some gifts I have made lately that got a mention.

This is the cot quilt mentioned last time - with a matching doll that i fear will have to stay with me as I have fallen completely in love with her! I have even given her a little friend - a little stuffed chicken in her dress pocket so she wont be lonely!

This Easter Weekend it was the 9th birthday of my gorgeous nephew James.  So what to get him???? Well for his birthday I made him a quilt covered in pictures of space, so when this space themed Glow-in-the-Dark fabric arrived in the shop I just couldn't resist!
This is the back so that no matter which way up his chucks it on his bed he will be able to find it in the dark!

He was delighted as he had been asking for some more pillows on his bed so he can snuggle up !

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