Get 'em young....

I am a great believer that crafting is the perfect outlet for the young. It occupies their hands as well as expands their creative minds. So I always make sure that I try to get something crafty for my two nieces and my nephew for their birthdays. James is sold on Lego, and you can't get more creative than that for a boy who hasn't made it into double figures yet.

Last weekend was my niece Kiah's 6th birthday so I got her something we could play with together - a set of beads that you put on a template, iron, and hey presto - you have a star, a heart, or in this case, a princess! Here are all the girls together 'helping'.
We actually made a pretty good job of it. She may not be quite old enough to let loose on the sewing machine (Jade on the bottom right was 9 before I taught her how to use it) but Kiah is keen, and I dont think it will be long before she takes after Aunty Sarah and gets stitching (well not if I have anything to do with it!!!)

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