No pictures... just words!

Today I don't want to show you any pictures. I want to talk to you about why we create... why I create.This may be a bit more mushy than my normal posts, but please do bare with me...

I think that it is important to remember that when we make a gift of our creativity, we are giving you a piece of our lives, our hearts, our souls because every stitch comes from thought, and deed, and love. It is something more than any wallet can ever value, and should be held in your hands as something precious to be valued for as long as the gift can be remembered.

A girl that I only speak to on the phone is just leaving her job for maternity and so I made her a little cot quilt. She rang me full of excitement and emotion, especially as we have never met in person. She wondered (happily) why I had taken the time to make her this gift. I explained that this is what we quilters do! We mark time and events with gifts from our own hands, whether that is to celebrate a birth, cheer up a friend when they are ill, or show our sympathy and solidarity with a disaster happening to strangers on the other side of the world. We create to show that we care.

I recently made a baby quilt for a much anticipated litte girl in Canada (some friends of my Dad's). I used pictures of the little lady as well as parents and delighted grandparents in the quilt. Now the lucky little lady is growing up with this quilt! One day - perhaps in decades time - another child may play on the same quilt, and hear the story of how a lady called Sarah made this gift for Grandma from half a world away. Perhaps they will look at my name on the label and wonder who I was. I have become a part of their family - and part of their family history - without ever having met them. This is what making can do for you - it creates links between strangers across time! 

So if you are a creator, or a recipient then you are a giver and a receiver of treasure from our heart to yours!


  1. It's not a mushy post at all Sarah, it's a lovely warm and thoughtful post and has given me food for thought too. It's true, we do love to make things for others and I think that is the greatest gift of our creativity, as much to ourselves as to the recipients.

  2. A great words,Sarah,and how true! I have just altered a coat for someone I may never meet(through a friend,who was a little nervous about cutting it).I hope she enjoys wearing it. Much love is given but hands,making a gentle touch ,showing you understand.No words need to be said .
    An understanding glance,says a thousand words,and we are very good at that,take care,Sheila Daines

  3. A lovely post Sarah... not mushy at all.

  4. oh that's so true!! I am creating a series of small artists books to give away at an art show I'm doing. It's taken so much time but I wanted a different form of expression for invisible labours of love. Nice to read this!



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