some news....

Just a quick post to share some news I had today (because I HAVE to tell someone!). Before Christmas I invited the daughter of a friend to spend a day with me in my studio to make herself something. She made a great book cover and I passed on all the  comments left by my lovely readers! (She was over the moon at what you guys said so many thanks!). Well the upshot is that she showed the finished book to her textile teacher at school - who now wants me to go in for half a day and teach her students how to do the same! Amazing! I had to say 'yes'! Well I can't say any more yet as we haven't confirmed dates etc but I am so excited! 2011 is starting well!


  1. How lovely to have inspired someone. Lets hope you can inspire others when you go into school.

  2. Well done clever girl ,getting the next generation to make 'stuff' brilliant Jan xx <3

  3. well done - I did think it was great when she did it


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