What to do...?

Well today was one of those days! I had to stay in today and wait for various delivery men and I couldn't risk missing the door bell by working my studio on the top floor. So I had two options - 1) fire up the computer in the office and complete my tax return, or 2) sit in the living room all day beading and watching back to back episodes of Midsummer Murders. Guess which option won - well there are 2 weeks left before my tax has to be completed.....

So I spent a few happy hours with Barnaby and made myself a necklace into the bargain! Result!!! The necklace is a red and black seed bead nett with a ceramic donut held in place with an even weave peyote stitch bail and fringe.

Now that is more fun that a tax return eh?


  1. I love Midsomer murders too ,and your necklace is just beautiful ,clever girl ,...you made the right choice ...love Jan xx

  2. What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon - stuff the tax man - he'll always be there.

  3. I love the necklace... although I think Midsomer Murders would have driven me to my tax return... speaking of which...


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