Some more gifts to share - Necklace gifts

This year I made some jewellery gifts for friends.

I have a necklace that my friend Sarah always admires (and tries to steal) so I decided to make her one with a matching bracelet. I finished it back in November and put it 'somewhere safe' only to forget where that was. As the time to deliver the present drew nearer I turned the house upside down but to no avail! It had gone. So there was nothing for it but to get busy and spend the next three evenings making another one! FI finished just in time - and as I went into my studio to wrap the second version, what did I spy but the original! In a place I had already searched! How is that possible? Oh well - I have packaged up the original and will think of something to do with the second edition. I bet if I hadn't made it I would never have found the first one again - so it must be a lucky necklace!!!

This necklace is for my friend Jules and is made of hematite (a form of iron oxide). It is said to be a good healing and grounding stone, it strengthens the body and improve resistance to life's stresses. Inside each ring I have threaded a sparkly 4mm clear pearl for a bit of added bling!

This one was a commission and was the first one to use the hematite rings. Unfortunately I had to photograph it at night as I went up to the wire in terms of deadline, so the colour is a little off. And you don't really appreciate the sparkly quality of the swarovski crystals!
All three gifts were received in good grace and I hope they will all wear them with pride! I bought some clear plastic bags (designed for card making) to put them in - I hope it makes them look a little more professional (and it keeps all the bits together....!).

BTW - let me know what you feel about the new page design! I felt like I wanted to inject some colour to this drab January but am not sure if it is 'too much'!


  1. Happy New Year! The new page is a bit much. Sorry, but the background is way too busy, for my taste, and detracts from your lovely work. Just sayin' :)))) Love the jewellery BTW!

  2. I agree - it was rather late last night and I blame sleep deprivation! I have removed the blinding background now and will leave it as a banner - and see if I am happier with that ;)

  3. Oh I liked the old blog style - but shall get used to this I guess - you know me I do not like change!!! Well done on the jewellery they look lovely x

  4. Lovely necklaces! I'm sure they will be enjoyed. Happy New Year!


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