Welcoming 2011 and sharing Kiah's dress

Well now ALL of the gifts have been boxed, wrapped, unwrapped and (hopefully) enjoyed so I am able to start 2011 by sharing them with you. Here is a dress I made for my 3 year old niece Kiah.

This is my first foray into dress making and I was delighted with the results:

The dress is a little too big but should fit her by the summer - and this is her modelling it on Boxing Day when my family gets together to exchange our gifts.

I made her a matching headband which did fit perfectly! She looks adorable!
I love the fabrics which I bought just for this project at the Festival of quilts in the summer. I got the pattern at the same time and I am pleased to say that it was simple enough to follow for a novice like me. I even managed to make my first ever button holes! The buttons are covered with the fabric used in the skirt so it looks super cute!
Just a quick reminder that there is still time to comment and be added to my giveaway!


  1. A wonderful first attempt at dress making. Well done!

  2. Oh how lovely ,and you have the perfect model there to try out making dresses for ,she is delightful ...love Jan xx

  3. That is really cute. Love love love the fabrics.
    I think many dress making days may be ahead of you.

  4. Kiah is adorable and you did a great job with the dress.

  5. Such a cute model as is the dress.

  6. The dress is lovely and the little girl adorable. Love the picture of that naughty kitten as well on your last post.


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