Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Holidays... what a great idea!

I am not a great one for relaxing - it seems to me that wasted time is lost time... but sometimes you just have to! So I sucumbed to a holiday - but I won't be found lazing on a beach somewhere! No, it's busy busy busy for me!

Last year it was building the pond... this year it is the summerhouse! After it was delivered in about 6 million pieces we made the very sensible decision to let some burly chaps put it all together for us... and this was the view from the house on Saturday.
I kept well out of the way! By lunchtime it looked like this!
This is the part where I come in :)
With the help of my friend Sarah Trude, Paul and I turned it into this by Saturday evening!
That's me christening it with something fizzy - it just has to be done!
Then Paul and I got around to brunch on Sunday morning before giving the whole thing another coat.

Jack is settling in!

And we get to enjoy a little home grown cream tea!

It needs to take a few days to settle but we are beginning the fun part of furnishing it from junk shops and draping every surface I can find with quilts! Oh how exciting - and much better than lazing around on a beach!

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Is it possible to be too spoilt?

I am a very lucky girl! Not only do I have a job that I adore with people I can't help but admire, but I also have a Dad and a boyfriend who put up with my demands and run around making my life easier! Can you be too spoilt? Naaah!

Some of you may have seen pictures of my sewing room in various states of distress... here are a few tasters.

My problem is not being disorganised - UFOs are labelled in boxes, alongside boxes with Batiks, or another with Japanese themed fabric, and workshop samples are all clearly labelled. It is simply that there was just not enough room for my growing collection of boxes! So BF and Dad to the rescue - and they installed a 3m long kitchen worktop along one wall of my sewing room. Delight! Now all the boxes slide neatly away under it - and I have extra space on top for my sewing machine and laptop to live when I using the planners table for something else.
Doesn't it look great! All thanks to my ever handy Dad and his screwdriver.

We even found a place for a few of my Dr Who DVDs and audio books...
Turns out I have a few more than I thought!

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

There's always time for art... and cake!

Being of the busy persuasion, it often takes a bit of effort to get myself organised enough to get over to exhibitions, but sometimes it is just too good a chance to miss.

So this Sunday I bundled the ever patient BF into the car and we headed off to Helpston to take a look at the Calico exhibition.

This group is an invitation only group of textile artists led by Biddy Brace and involving two fellow bloggers - Pam at the Crafty Mugwump and Bev of RoeMayo who both happen to teach in my shop from time to time!

There was a great selection of work - none of which was signed which was apparently a conscious decision by the artists.

It was great to see some of the artists hard at work - Angela was busy working with wool while Biddy chats with some keen visitors!!

There was a lovely display of note books which is always one of my favourite things to riffle through!

What a great time - and Paul was especially happy as the Calico group supplied a lovely selection of tea & Cakes!

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Great time at Great Staughton

I love to get the opportunity to teach! This week I was invited to Great Staughton & Perry Women's Institute to teach my button brooches to a group of 35 ladies! What was the big surprise was that my voice held out teaching so many keen ladies, especially as it was my first day back after time off work with a chest infection. The ladies were very patient as they listened to me wheeze... and we got a whole load finished! Well done ladies!

Here are some of the ladies sporting their finished brooches - strangely everyone seemed to go for the purple tonight!
 I had some helpers with this group as my voice couldn't quite reach all the way to the back and so I had to do a table at a time with each stage!
 It worked well, just as I finished the last table, the first one was ready for the next stage. It was almost like I planned it! And it was my biggest group yet!
And special thanks has to go to the ladies whose names I missed who made the lovely cakes we had to sustain ourselves with! Thank you for the invite and for the kind welcome!

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Oh how I love my embellisher!

I have had this embellisher for a good couple of years now, and it has never really made it out of it's box! Lately I have had a couple of visitors to the shop asking if we would do any classes for it so I decided to get it out and have a bit of a play. I am so busy lately that I really feel that I need an excuse to just let loose and have fun! I had a go with the Simplicity 12 needle Deluxe embellisher and 'oh my' what fun I had!!!!

This was the first item I made on this occasion.

It is a pencil or make up holder and I am really pleased with the result, though I think a pink ribbon (which I didn't have) would have been better than the olive ribbon (which I did have!).

I had fun with a bit of hand and machine embroidery on it and I think that this really made the design come to life.

So after that I thought I would have a go at a bird as I have birds on another (secret) project that i am working on so thought it would be nice to do something I could share. This may become a book cover though I quitel like the idea of making him a centre piece for a cushion....

This little fellow looks happy enough perched on his branch amongst the cherry blossom! I think I may do a little extra beading on him, as there is no such thing as too much bling!