Is it possible to be too spoilt?

I am a very lucky girl! Not only do I have a job that I adore with people I can't help but admire, but I also have a Dad and a boyfriend who put up with my demands and run around making my life easier! Can you be too spoilt? Naaah!

Some of you may have seen pictures of my sewing room in various states of distress... here are a few tasters.

My problem is not being disorganised - UFOs are labelled in boxes, alongside boxes with Batiks, or another with Japanese themed fabric, and workshop samples are all clearly labelled. It is simply that there was just not enough room for my growing collection of boxes! So BF and Dad to the rescue - and they installed a 3m long kitchen worktop along one wall of my sewing room. Delight! Now all the boxes slide neatly away under it - and I have extra space on top for my sewing machine and laptop to live when I using the planners table for something else.
Doesn't it look great! All thanks to my ever handy Dad and his screwdriver.

We even found a place for a few of my Dr Who DVDs and audio books...
Turns out I have a few more than I thought!

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  1. Looks great to have handy men around ,well done everyone! Hope you are feeling better now xxxxx


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