Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Holidays... what a great idea!

I am not a great one for relaxing - it seems to me that wasted time is lost time... but sometimes you just have to! So I sucumbed to a holiday - but I won't be found lazing on a beach somewhere! No, it's busy busy busy for me!

Last year it was building the pond... this year it is the summerhouse! After it was delivered in about 6 million pieces we made the very sensible decision to let some burly chaps put it all together for us... and this was the view from the house on Saturday.
I kept well out of the way! By lunchtime it looked like this!
This is the part where I come in :)
With the help of my friend Sarah Trude, Paul and I turned it into this by Saturday evening!
That's me christening it with something fizzy - it just has to be done!
Then Paul and I got around to brunch on Sunday morning before giving the whole thing another coat.

Jack is settling in!

And we get to enjoy a little home grown cream tea!

It needs to take a few days to settle but we are beginning the fun part of furnishing it from junk shops and draping every surface I can find with quilts! Oh how exciting - and much better than lazing around on a beach!

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